Hang on Rebuilding

I have a large document (40,000 words) with lots of subdocuments and research documents. My Imac said it was open on my laptop (where it wasn’t). So I opened it up again on the laptop to close it definitively, and it went to rebuild indexes. It hung on a particular subdocument for a few minutes, so I force-quit, and reopened. I plugged in the laptop, and it’s now been indexing that particular subdocument for 40 minutes or so.
Any suggestions?

I force-quit on the Macbook Air, opened it on my iMac, told it to continue (I’m sure it’s not open anywhere else), and the iMac hangs on teh same subdocument. Any way to surgically remove that subdoc?

This is a 200-page book project with a contract, which I’ve been working on for five years… And I can’t get it to load on either of my computers because it hangs rebuilding the index.

I strongly suggest that you contact Literature and Latte support directly: mac.support@literatureandlatte.com . This sort of thing (a possibly corrupt project that hangs on rebuilding indexes) is extremely difficult to troubleshoot in a forum, and the lack of users chiming in with helpful suggestions says to me that no one who’s active on the forums has had it happen to them. I haven’t—I’m sorry I can’t offer any further suggestions.

Ah, thanks! Somehow I forgot about that.