Hanging indent doesn't turn off when I turn off bullets

When I have a list of bulleted items, Scrivener automatically sets a hanging indent so that lines after the first one line up with where with the text begins on the first line - that’s perfect. But if I turn off bullets, the hanging indent remains, even though my default style is to not have any indents. Is there a way to change this, so that when turning off bullets the hanging indent is turned off?

Each paragraph just picks up the formatting of the paragraph before, it so after you’ve finished a list, you’ll need to manually adjust the indentation for the new paragraph. You can do this by dragging the markers in the ruler in the editor (Format > Show Ruler) or using the Ctrl+Q and Ctrl+Shift+Q shortcuts to move the left indent. (Ctrl+T and Ctrl+Shift+T will move the first-line indent.)

You could also just hit Enter a few times before you start a list, then arrow up and make the list, so that you have some padding after it. Then when you’ve finished, just arrow down into the pre-existing line that still has the old paragraph settings.