Hanging Paragraph Format in Scrivener?


I’ve moved from writing theatre scripts in Word, in which I’ve usually set up a simple hanging first line paragraph format for the character name, followed by a standard 1 inch indent, which makes everything much more efficient than hammering away at tab every time I hit a new line.

Can anyone help me with the simplest way to set this up in Scrivener?

Thank you!


At the most basic level, you can just use Scrivener’s ruler to set up a hanging indent (Cmd-R or View > Text Editing > Show Ruler). If you are writing a script, though, I would recommend using the scriptwriting feature. Scrivener also comes with a couple of theatre formats readily available, such as UK Stage Play format. You can find script formats in the Format > Scriptwriting submenu, or you can create a project from a scriptwriting template.

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Thank you!