OK, I am new to this product, so I am probably doing something silly. I have looked around the posts and can’t find an explanation - so help.

I downloaded a WIP of 20,000 words to scrivener. I then broke it up into sections, each with a cork board card. So far so good. Now when I want to edit the comments on the corkboard cards I find that the system hangs when I double click the card. Only way back is to reboot.

I say again - help!


Thanks Maria. I’ll give these a try, although everything else seems OK. Fingers crossed! :slight_smile:

Can you access the contents of the cards when using another method, such as clicking on the related item in the Binder? What happens if, when viewing the Corkboard, you press Cmd-Opt-1? This should collect all of the contents of the Corkboard and turn it into a temporary single document.