Hangups in the program

Since installing the latest Scrivner for Mac (Version 3.3.1) I often get that "spinning beach ball of death that pops up all of the time, which is as concerning as it is frustrating. I’m wondering if I’m alone in this situation and if there is a fix available…

Is your macOS up to date? The latest, I believe, is 13.3.1

We don’t have widespread reports of this, (and I’ve never seen anything but solid response) so it is likely something local to the configuration of your system that is causing it.

So I would take a look at this guide on general trouble-shooting and go through those steps and report back here on anything that pops up that you aren’t sure how to resolve.

I’d also add, more specifically to what you are describing, that it is a good idea to test Scrivener with a project other than what you typically work with. See if the problem continues with your main projects closed, and using something known to work well broadly, like the Interactive Tutorial project, in the Help menu. For all we know there is something in your project that is causing issues that maybe was imported recently and coincides with other factors like upgrading the software.

I will follow your suggestions.