Happy Birthday, to Yoo-Hugh!<--- play on words.

Happy birthday young fella!
Hope y’ can remember it t’morrow :smiling_imp:

On offer at the Co-op[size=150]^[/size]
Have a gud-n :wink:

Thanks, mate. I’ll drop by the Co-op later, and have a wistful gaze at it on you. (And the cartoon’s cute. :smiley:)

Congratulations, Hugh … many more of them!


Mr X

Happy (belated) birthday!

that should probably read, “Belated happy birthday”

maybe it should be “Happy birthday (belatedly)”?

should I use parentheses or would a comma suffice? Maybe a dash?
“Happy birthday, belatedly”
No, the parentheses were better.

what about, “nom belatedly wishes you a happy birthday”
Bloody pretentious use of third person…

Happy Birthday! (Sorry I’m late)

Oops, almost forgot the cake: [size=120] iii[/size]

Wottsit gorra do wi’ his mum-n-dad’s story telling? That’s plaggerisum! :open_mouth: