Happy Nom Day!

Nom Nom Nom Nom

Surely that’s ‘om nom nom’, Mr Wock?

I haven’t got my ‘Debrett’s guide to Nomming and Noshing’ to hand but if I recall correctly one must always ‘om’ before one ‘noms’.

It’s true. It is, you know.

Aww, how lovelly :slight_smile: For a negative, that’s very positive.

Happy Birthday Scottie (Nom). youtube.com/watch?v=9PrIgXlCO0A


Thanks all. Sadly, I was unwell for most of the day and spent it in bed wishing I wasn’t. Today, however, I’m procrastinating in the more traditional, and much more healthy, way… :smiley:

<touches noses, waits, lies down, falls asleep>

The “How To Nom Nom” guide has been updated with a video version