Happy Scrivener-Quote-Guy Day!

Yes, today is Frederich Nietzsche’s birthday.

I have never seen two pictures of Nietzsche that look like they are of the same man. They look like the same moustache, of course, which makes me wonder if Freddy kept a collection of stick-on facial hair to allow practically anyone of roughly the same gender and skin tone to make his public appearances for him.

Unless the Nietzsche was the moustache!?

Young Master Pigfender,
Freddy Nietzsche was a superman (if such a concept isn’t stretching the bounds of credibility beyond breaking point), he could probably change his appearance at will.

I would argue about Nietzsche’s moustache, but what’s the point?

NASA has proof


This would explain a lot. And the photos, too.

Does that mean we will have to pay lip service? :confused: