Hardware question: external keyboards for iPad, iPhone, etc

I’ve tried two external keyboards - one a folding Bluetooth one, the other a USB one - to write on iPhone and iPad, but both (or more likely the Apple devices) had the same evil quirk. When writing dialogue:

“Have you closed the door?” she asked.

the vicious creatures insist on producing a capital after the quote:

“Have you closed the door?” She asked.

I haven’t even succeeded in re-educating the machines by my usual trick of providing two letters (“sshe”) so that when the first is automatically capitalised (“Sshe”) you can go back and take it out and the second will be correctly lower-case. No, the nasty things re-capitalise the letter now exposed.

Has this egregious illiteracy yet been fixed? I stopped using the devices to write because this was too upsetting.

Surely that is a setting in your iPad or Phone. Not a setting from the keyboard. Check your IOS settings.

I’ve tried that, but can’t find any such setting.

I don’t see a capital.

Try this

Change typing assistance options for an Apple external keyboard with iPad

You can change options for auto-correction, smart punctuation, and more.

Change typing assistance options for an external keyboard

Go to Settings ) > General > Keyboard > Hardware Keyboard, then do any of the following:

  • Turn Auto-Capitalization on or off: When this option is selected, an app supporting this feature capitalizes proper nouns and the first words in sentences as you type.
  • Turn Auto-Correction on or off: When this option is selected, an app supporting this feature corrects the spelling as you type.
  • Turn “.” Shortcut on or off: When this option is selected, double-tapping the space bar inserts a period followed by a space.

It might be what you are after.

D’oh… edited. It’s late!

Nope, did all that but it’s still capitalising incorrectly.

Sorry for the delay - life interrupted. Has anyone got a workaround for this maddeningness?

It is an Apple iOS thing. Did you try what @Terry_Haddow suggested above?

Yes, as I said above, I did.

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