Harvard Outline 7 levels deep

Hi y’all,
Total noobie here.
I am looking for a way to do Harvard Outlines with at least 7 levels of subcategories [I,A,1, a, etc]. What I can find in the List option does not go this deep.

Can the List function be user edited /customized to do this?

Thanks in advance,

Do you mean something like this?

That is the general idea, but with a more formal Harvard Outline format:
I. text
A. text
1. text
a. text
i. text
(a). text
(i). text
Basically what you sent but no bullet points.
I apologize if you intended the bullet points as stand-ins for whatever is desired as level labels.

Again, complete noob here. I could find a way of doing an outline, but not deep enough and if I remember correctly, the labels were not what I wanted.

Thanks for responding!