Has anyone ever used this method for using grammarly with Scrivener?

Has anyone ever used this method to link Scrivener to Grammarly?

It seems to work well, and doesn’t run into the problem of occasionally stripping formats like happens with cut & paste. I’ve tried it for a few things, but I’m still just a little leery about it, so if anyone else has done this, I’d be happy to hear if there are any potential glitches.

The latest version of grammarly seems to work fine with Scrivener 3 without Sync to External folder. Even though that is the recommended way to use Grammarly.


Just install Grammarly, run it and open Scrivener. It works fine making suggestions directly in Scrivener.

NOTE: Disclaimer. L&L generally do not recommend programs that interact directly with the Scrivener project, however, I have given this a thorough thrashing since it was released and apart from a couple of operation ‘glitches’ in Grammarly, it has had no negative impact on Scrivener projects.

My suggestion, just install and run as above PROVIDED you have taken the time to set up a robust backup process. Just increase the number of ZIP backups to around 25 to give yourself the ability to go further back in time.

As always with any program, if anything does go wrong, before plowing in to poke around previous copies/backups, sit on your hands for a while and think through what and how it happened.


It works, but unfortuantely it seems to just let me go correction by correction instead of highlighting everything and when I’m working on editing, I like to see all the corrections at once, especially if I’m wanting to keep a consistent tone. I’ll probably stick to the synching systems, but yeah, thanks for the suggestion on the backups–25 gives me a nice, safe margine. :slight_smile:

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I wish there was a way to use it directly, in the program, as I’m writing-- as you mentioned. I like Grammarly, in general, in other contexts. I just wish I could use it while I’m writing. It would save me a LOT of time and trouble, especially for use with COMMAS :slight_smile: , which are the bane of my existence! :wink:


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You can use it directly in the program.

Install the latest version then launch it. You will be advised Grammarly is running. Start typing in Scrivener and it will highlight ‘errors’.


Thanks, I just tried it and it does work! I’m happy now. That was one of the things I’ve been missing.


I must say, I’m really liking having Grammarly available in Scrivener. Thank you many times over for letting me know it finally works.

The one niggling detail is that it doesn’t show you the problem point very well. It tries, and some of the time is able to put the cursor in the right place-- I’ve discovered if you use the left and right (problems) arrows (to go forward, then back), you can encourage it to highlight the right location. Though sometimes it’s off the visible page, and then some scrolling can help. It’d be nice if it was able to highlight the location…

But ALL of those are higher-order problems and minor complaints relative to having the functionality at all !!!

Me so happy !!! :slight_smile:


OK, I am a newbie here, and I was using an older version of scrivener in my now dead MacBook Air. I see from your comments that with the 3.0 version of scrivener, I can use my Grammarly premium software. Today’s date is February 16, 2022. Does anyone have anything new to say about this currently?

Thank you kindly,

Dr. Timothy Zellmer

Nothing to add that is not already covered above, within the last couple of days.

It works, and it should also work on the earlier version of Scrivener.

No, I said everything I needed to on Feb 14… :wink:

It works, I like it. The one “downside” is it can be hard to tell where in your text it’s referring to, since it’s not always able to move the caret to the correct place for some reason (see my post above), and it doesn’t “highlight” the location. Apart from that, it does a good job, IMO. I wish, in general, Grammarly were a bit more accurate, but that’s a different issue.


NONE of the grammar checkers are ‘a bit more accurate’. At best they give suggestions and food for thought.

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food for thought.

Yeah, I do a lot of chewing :slight_smile:

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