Has anyone experienced this?

I have scrivener on a linux desktop that is 32 bit and a system 76 laptop that is 64bit, running 12.04 on both. On the laptop I will be typing and the cursor just seems to jump or move somewhere else on the page.

It only happens in scrivener on the laptop, using the open office word processor it doesn’t occur.

Question: are you using a microsoft wireless mouse with the laptop? Sometimes there are input problems with it–it gets mistaken for a gamepad. The one time it was fixed with fresh batteries, and the other time a kernel upgrade fixed it.

I am using a logitech wireless mouse. I will try using the mouse pad on the laptop and see if it happens there. However I am using a wireless on the desktop too and not experiencing the problem.

Are you accidentally touching or brushing the touchpad as you type? I have a toshiba satellite and I need to make sure to disable the touchpad when typing otherwise I’ll end up with the cursor all over the damn place.