Has anyone successfully integrated or linked Scrivener Scenes or chapters with Adobe InCopy or InDesign files?

Working in a collaborative way with Editors and Designers is a tricky thing. With Adobe InDesign and to a lesser extent InCopy (for editors) predominant applications in the industry, I was wondering whether there are any tips beyond cut and paste between the apps.

Have you explored Pandoc? Pandoc can convert Scrivener output into Adobe ICML, though I haven’t used InDesign for years, and I can’t advise on the Adobe side details, but Pandoc side is very flexible…

I just tested and the ICML file seems to retain the hierarchy from the binder (this level 1 document correctly gets a Header1 for example):

ParagraphStyleRange AppliedParagraphStyle="ParagraphStyle/Header1">
  <CharacterStyleRange AppliedCharacterStyle="$ID/NormalCharacterStyle">