I just noticed that a month ago, the developer of the excellent free rich text-based writing app Bean announced that he’ll no longer be actively developing it. Pity, but his reasons seem understandable. Frankly, I had gotten away from using it myself, preferring the updated version of TextEdit (still greatly flawed, and not nearly as elegant as Bean in many ways, but with a couple of recently added features that were quite useful) and iAWriter for Mac for anything not requiring Scrivener’s structured approach.
Of course, we’re free to go on using it, and he said he may continue to issue bugfix updates to keep up with MacOS evolution.
Anyway, a tip of the hat to Mr. Hoover, who, in the great tradition of coffee-themed Mac writing app development, helped me get through the last few years with an excellent app that had just about everything I needed – and nothing more.