Has someone else ...

… been half-inching Keith’s choices of lexis or are they following his lead, I wonder?


(Who only drinks black coffee, having given up all forms of milk-adulterated substances apart from cheese at the age of four!)

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You do frequent some very strange sites Mark. Oh…er…not including L&L of course!


Looks to me like a vested interest in the color “sand” is pushing hard since the color is now not the “common” choice.

The universe takes its lattes very weak.

A cosmic latte? Isn’t there more nothing than something out there? And what colour was the nothing perceived to be? Since black is the absense of light, was it basically left absent?

I like that latte is the average colour of the universe; it makes me think we are all-encompassing. :slight_smile:

Nice thought Keith. If Amber is right and the latte is weak, I can supply even weaker literature… :wink:

Here we go again!! It`s the feckin god thing again, init?!!

We take that as a given!! Talk about overstating the obvious :confused: jeezz!!

I think Vic has the wrong avatar…

APOD is a fantastic site, and the only odd thing is that Vic-K are also a fan. Mind you, they has come up with a wide range of matters when you read past their mud- and whatever-slinging and blatant come-hithering.



I fink Is nose worrat meens! s rude init :slight_smile: :blush:

Hang on while I dash out to John Lewis and snag mself a 27in iMac to check this thing out. Looks promising...but...then again...Im kindda fond of the peglegga. Even the feline bitch( just check shes not about...nope), likes him. Nahh :confused: Im more inclined to bring critters home, than I am to abandon them. I have to say though, Bulldog does reflect a degree of sophistication that is more…me. Modesty forbids me elaborating at length on that topic.

The use of mixed plurals was quite entertaining.

That was a bit larger than expected, I must admit!

I wonder if vic-k had ever heard that before?

Depends what the intial expectation WAS I guess.

So I’ve done it. Thank you Jaysen. :slight_smile:


I think the debauching of Jaysen is complete. He is now one of the unclean.
Le D :smiling_imp:

I think possibly once, on one of his early voyages under the table in the Red Lion, circa 1923. :wink:

Doesn’t that qualify as “said” not “heard”?