Has something broken, or am I a misremembering?

I just tried to do something in Scrivener that makes me wonder if something has broken, or recently changed, or if I’m just not remembering correctly. The fact that I just spent several days working in Word (a relative rarity since I’ve been using Scriv) could be adding to the mystery.

In Scriv, I wanted to select several sequential paragraphs, and so with the cursor positioned at the start of the first paragraph, I pressed Ctrl+Shift+Down, expecting the text to be selected paragraph by paragraph. Instead, nothing happened at all. When I released the Ctrl-key, I was able to add to the selection, but only on a line by line basis (which is also how this forum post form works.) Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right works as expected, to add or remove text from the selection on a word by word basis. Intuitively, paras should work the same way, since the same type of work is being performed by the gestures. Seems like it should work that way. That’s how it works in Word.

Did Ctrl+Shift+Down/Up used to work? Or did I just reaccliamte to Word?

Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down work for in my testing to select by paragraph. Have you perhaps remapped the combo to something else in Scrivener?

Thanks, MM.

That’s what it was. Odd, though, when it didn’t work as expected, the first thing I checked was whether I had remapped it. But when I went into the keyboard mapper, focused on the top input box, and pressed the arrow keys – nothing happened, which I took to mean that I hadn’t remapped. That’s when I decided to ask. In truth, I’d forgotten that the shortcut input box at the top doesn’t respond to actual pressed shortcuts, but needs to have the shortcut fully typed and spelled out: “Ctrl+Shift+down.” Turns out, I had indeed remapped the Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down keys to Previous/Next container… which as it turns out I rarely use… which begs the question of how I never missed the default selection functions of those key combos before now. Funny how all that works.