Has Tech Support Here Changed?

I used to get timely answers to my tech support questions here on this forum, from people who work at L&L.

However, the last six of my support requests have not received any official replies (for example, https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/problems-with-abbreviated-title/30366/1).

Has a support policy changed? Reps overloaded? Should I

Note that on KBoards.com and elsewhere I’ve recommended Scrivener, and have written “The support on the forum is fast and excellent.”

I’m sorry you’ve been getting ignored like that, it is a case of being a bit overloaded at the moment, as you suspect. The person that can best answer Windows questions on the forum has also been extremely busy testing iOS features and the upcoming synchronisation code between it and Windows. I can sometimes answer general questions, but often do not have Windows around and am not as thoroughly aware of all the little tiny differences between platforms (plus I’ve been busy with precisely the same thing myself). It isn’t a fact that pleases me, but reality is not always a kind place!