Have I lost 10k words overnight?

I have a daily total I keep in a different app, so I know exactly how many words I should have.
I also use the stats word count in Scrivner. I am a Scrivner relative newbie.

2 days ago the two # matched, then yesterday I found the word count according to Scrivner to be 10k lower. I am starting to become more confident that the sections are all there, but it is hard to know what could be missing. (My manuscript was 37k long and the average section length is only 400, so there are a lot of sections).

I have tried all the ‘count only this’ ‘count all of that’ features that are immediately obvious, but I don’t really know what I am doing.

One wrinkle is that I did not know you have to close out of Scrivner every day to cause it to auto-back up.

How can I fix the wordcount issue?

Update: I just reopened the stats and the count is back up to 37k!!!

I feel like I am going crazy and REALLY want to know what is going on know. I have been messing with this all morning and going back in to check the counts as I did things. Then I got distracted and started exploring other views (including collections, binder, etc) And now I am back up to the full count.


A guess :
Your compiler is set to compile current selection and the count reflects the eventual compile output.

Select a single document in the binder and look at your count → ?

Meanwhile, if you rather use Project / Writing history, this one count is not submitted to any conditions as is the one I stated above.

P.S. You don’t have to shutdown Scrivener for it to spawn a backup, you can use File / Backup / Backup Now whenever your progress feels like it justifies it.
You may even add a button for it in the toolbar.

Also if all the files are in the manuscript and the rest is in Research, then click inside manuscript and hit ctrl + a which selects everything and will get a scrivening of your current manuscript and a word count regardless of the compile status.

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