Have Scrivener iOS questions

Do I have to have project files stored on Dropbox for the app to work? I’d rather open a zipped project backup or connect ipad to my network and open project on HD.

Some projects are quite large and I don’t want to take up space with unzipped Scrivener projects. I’d rather save them to the network where there is plenty of storage space.

Thanks for your help.

I don’t have Dropbox myself, I do all project management through direct file management on the device, either with a cable or over WiFi sync. I open my iOS file manager on the Mac, drag the project into Scrivener’s document folder, it copies over at lightning fast speed and I’m done. Later when I return, I copy it back. Really no different than switching between computers, for those that don’t use clouds.

With sending off zipped copies: if you tap Edit above the project list you can select a project and then tap the share button. That will zip it up and then offer to send it somewhere. To get it onto another machine on the network you’d need some protocol for doing so. AirDrop, if it is Mac tech, is by far the easiest. That’s all I’ve ever used myself, so I don’t know much about the alternatives—which I gather are more plentiful these days than they used to be.

That’s the iOS way though: sending copies. You can’t, as far as I know, connect to a LAN file server and instruct an app to open files off of it like that. Everything is sandboxed off in its own little area. You can’t open data from one program in another program without sending a copy, even within the iPad itself, let alone over the network to different machines.

Thanks Ioa!

Ioa, what file manager do you use for iOS please? I can get my projects onto iPad just fine but copying them back is proving to be a bit trickier.

Well firstly, iTunes should be perfectly capable of copying projects off of the device and onto the Mac. The section, iTunes and other file managers, has a simple checklist that should get you to the right spot—I think. Let me know if this no longer matches reality. Apple keeps changing how this works and at the moment I can’t launch iTunes on this Mac—it just crashes and I can’t be bothered to figure out why. :slight_smile:

As for what I use, it’s a program called iMazing. It lets you manage and access your data more directly, I find. You can open up Scrivener’s documents folder and rather intuitively drag things in and out of there to the Mac. I just mention iTunes because (a) its free and (b) it should in theory do what you need—so if it works well enough by you, I wouldn’t want to imply you need to buy software just to manage files on iOS.

Thanks for the rec Ioa. I’m sure iTunes no longer works because there is not an app section on iTunes when I plug in my iPad. I read somewhere that Apple deleted it. I can use iTunes to transfer media files but not other types of documents. I will check out iMazing. Thank you for the recommendation. I’ve decided to create a new Scrivener iOS project to create and edit text documents as my fave Android text editor is still having its IOS port being developed.

Thank you for all your advice.

Hmm, I just checked on 10.13, and the documented workflow in the user manual is accurate. Here is what I can with iTunes:

  1. Follow the first four steps in the user manual verbatim (notably, there is no “Apps” workflow, as you mentioned, but “File Sharing”).
  2. At this point, I have a list of projects and folders in Scrivener’s document storage area. I drag a test project out to the Desktop.
  3. I double-click on the project on the desktop, and it loads in Scrivener.
  4. I type in some text into a file in the binder.
  5. Close the project and drag it back into the same iTunes window.
  6. It asks if I would like to replace the existing copy, and I confirm.
  7. On the iPhone I load the project, and the edit made in step 4 is intact. I edit this same file further with the iPhone and return to the project screen.
  8. I then drag the project back to the Desktop, once again confirming replacement.
  9. Double-click to load it, and the iPhone edits are intact.

So I’m getting easy round-trip file sharing with nothing but iTunes, and all around I would say it is a bit better than it used to be. It used to be very mysterious getting to file sharing. You had to drill through areas that didn’t make sense, but now files are right at very top, along with music, calendar and so forth.