Having an issue with the function keys

I am running Scrivener on a Lenovo LeapPad 1 with 20 gigs of RAM and 1 TB of storage space on Windows 11. The problem that I am having is that even with the function key lock turned on, none of my function keys do anything. I’ve tried everything I can think of to get them to work, but thus far have had zero luck. Are there settings I should be looking at whether in Scrivener or Windows 11?

That’ll be either your laptop or a windows thing.
If Scrivener would receive the right [fn] input, I can’t think of why it’d not do what it then should.
Some laptops have an alternative set of commands on the fn keys. (Like to disable the touchpad, for e.g.) Make sure you indeed have them locked on their fn values.

One test you could do is to go to options/keyboard. Pretend you want to reprogram a shortcut. Hit record near the bottom-right, hit a fn key and see what is actually recorded.

My function keys do have laptop functions such as volume + & -, screen brightness, airplane mode, etc. On the escape key is a FnLock. You have to hit shift and escape to engage it. But for some reason my ThinkPad won’t recognize it or the Fn key to use them. I can’t find anything in the windows 11 user’s manual about function keys either. It’s driving me crazy trying to figure this out.

Sounds like a laptop issue.
Don’t look for an answer in windows instructions. Rather refer to your laptop’s manual.

From :

If it hasn’t changed much between models, it would seem that you have to hold the fn key while pressing the f1, f2 … key that you want to use… (?)

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Use this trick to test it:

Just don’t save any changes you’d make to your shortcuts. (Fool with a shortcut you don’t care about, and quit the options panel by hitting “cancel”.)

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To lock the use of Function Keys, you’d normally press Fn+Esc. That allows them to function either as F-keys or as control keys by pressing the key alone, dependant on whether locked or not.

Yeah, I’ve got a different and slightly older Thinkpad X1, and the hardware function lock feature works perfectly fine on it, to the point I’ve forgotten it’s even there. The top row of keys all operate as F-keys on a single tap, and to access their auxiliary functions, like changing the brightness of the display, I have to hold down Fn.

But different models and different years may work better or worse—and maybe there are Win 11 issues, which I wouldn’t have encountered yet. It may be worth contacting Lenovo support over it, and checking for firmware updates if you haven’t already.

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Thanks Amber! I found a way to switch the function keys so that instead of pressing the function key with the Fn key or using the FnLock key F keys now function as F1-12 and use the Fn key to use the presets above the F keys.

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