Having difficulty with typefaces

I’m fairly new to Scrivener (i.e., just figuring it out), but I’m using it for a novelization of an original story trilogy which I originally put down in screenplay format. Part of the story turns on the idea of [spiritual] possession, where an unseen character is influencing humans to do and say things which they otherwise (probably) wouldn’t. I’m wanting to use changes of typeface to signify this.

Problem is, I’m having difficulty getting Scrivener (Version: on Linux (WINE32 v5.0) to behave consistently with fonts. When I create a folder for a new chapter, I’m never sure of which font will pop up as default. If I change the font, and then do a cut-and-paste to rearrange text for editing, it’s like as not to revert unbidden to some other font which I never selected. It’s almost as if the computer I’m using to write a story about possession is…possessed…!

Seriously, folks, does anyone have any pointers for material, in the manual or elsewhere, which would help me get a handle on this problem? Is it possible to create and use “styles” such as you would in Word or LibreOffice? Is there a way to keep fonts consistent across a “binder”, until and unless specifically changed?

One other consideration: Right now I’m writing exclusively on my Linux machine, but when I get my Windows computer repaired (Real Soon Now) I’ll probably be writing and editing 50/50 on both machines (my Scrivener project folder is stored remotely on a NAS). So I want to make sure that whatever I do on this machine translates well to the Windoze computer, and vice versa.

Thanks for any assistance.