Having Trouble Setting Universal Margins for All Scenes


For some reason, my margins have all reset themselves to peculiar places. I’ve gone into every already written scene and reset them where they should be. I’ve also gone into page setup and made sure that the margins are where I want them.

However, when I open a blank scene, the margins are all back to the wrong settings.

Is there a way to reset my margins so that they apply to all scenes?

Many thanks,

The default ruler for new documents is defined in the Editor tab of Tools > Options…, so you’ll want to check how the indent markers are set there. The right one should be dragged all the way off the right; it will stick to the right edge of the ruler then, effectively non-existent. (Note that in Scrivener, there aren’t any actual margins to deal with until you’re compiling or printing, so problems you’re seeing in the editor are due to the right or left indents. By dragging the right indent to the edge of the ruler, you’ll be setting it so that your text will just wrap at the right margin in the compiled/printed work, whatever you set the margin to be in Page Settings.)

Once you’ve set the sample text in Options so that you like it, you can select your existing documents in the binder and use Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style to apply those format settings. New documents will use them automatically.