Having trouble understanding compile formatting

I love Scrivener. I have been far more productive and organized it since switching over. But, now that I’m ready to produce a project for review, I’m completely lost trying to understand how to define a proper format. By default everything is double-spaced. I’ve tried to understand how to control formatting. I’ve searched through help and menus - but I’m just lost. It’s a great tool but very complicated. I’m still learning as I go along. But compile has me stumped. Any help greatly appreciated.

On the left side of the compile panel are the compile formats currently available as per your chosen output (epub, PDF etc - top-middle of the panel).
Double click the one you are thinking of using. (Duplicate it if prompted to do so.)
In there you’ll find the text formatting for your compiled draft.

A basic introduction to the Compile command can be found in the Interactive Tutorial, available from the Help menu.

There are also several video tutorials, here:

Exhaustive detail can be found in Chapters 23 and 24 of the manual, also available from the Help menu.

Here are two complete workflows for the process, creating two entirely different export products from the same content. And more.

chapter headings, page breaks, and all that

compiling a synopsis/epigraph report

headers and footers

compile overview

zoom me

I had all sorts of trouble getting the Compile to include scene Notes when I first upgraded to Scrivener 3. Now I’ve updated to the latest variant, as part of trying to fix a Backup problem – and I can’t remember how to do it, and can’t find out how from the Manual. I did get to section 24.2 and the associated Figure, but when I go into Compile and click Assign Layouts, I don’t see anything like that Figure. The only setting I see for sections is As Is, defined as including the draft only, not the notes. Can anyone help me out of this familiar and frustrating situation?

You have to add the section layout(s) to your compile format:

Then have it include your notes :

Once you added the section layout to your compile format, it should be available to be assigned to a section type, here :
2022-05-26 17_44_32-Window

If you haven’t created or used any section types in your project (there is always at least one used by default), assigning the section layout there, will do for the whole project.

Does anybody know if there is a repository of user-submitted compile formats beyond those included with Scrivener 3 for Windows?

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Not that I know of.
But note that once you understand how the compiler works, making your own format and setting things to look the way you want them to is super easy.
And there is nothing there that you wouldn’t have to learn by using someone else’s format.
Take the time to read the manual about it, it is time well invested. Then experiment… until you know what you are doing. (Might sound harsh, but it is pretty much the only way to go about it.)

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For ios there are a few others available for download but you’re not wrong otherwise. Thanks for taking the time to respond.