Header Font/Body Font not appearing when Compiled

I am using a custom project format to compile my document, but every time I edit the “Header Font”, it simply reverts to Times New Roman when the compiled PDF appears. I am having the same problem with section titles and even a section that is formatted as “N/A”, no matter what font I edit it to it all compiles to Times New Roman. Am I missing something when I compile? Thanks in advance!

Are you editing the font in the Main Editor (drafting space) or in the Compile menu?

I’ve tried both, in the compile menu and in the main editor, even with both edited it still appears as Times New Roman.

Do you happen to have a paragraph style assigned in the Main Editor? If so, it may be overriding your Compiler changes. If you adjust the text to No Style, does it compile correctly?

I do not have a style assigned, and even when I copy the font settings to a paragraph style it still does not appear.

Could you PM me with a zipped project file so I can take a look? Or you can write into mac.support@literatureandlatte.com. We’ll probably need to take a look at the file to see what’s going on.

Just sent an email as the file was too large to send via PM, thank you so much!