Header/Footer Margins

I’m using Scrivener for Windows 3.0.1 64-bit
In the compiler, I’m outputting to PDF. Under Page Settings the Margins button brings up a window with regular margin settings plus settings for Header Margin and Footer Margin. These header/footer margin settings aren’t mentioned in the manual, or else I haven’t looked hard enough. I have headers/footers in my manuscript but when I alter these margin settings they don’t appear to have any effect at all. I’ve tried various settings between 0 and 6cm. Presumably they are top/bottom margins?

These two settings, at the moment, do nothing or work incorrectly, which is why they remain undocumented. There is an open ticket on that at the moment.

As for what they are intended to do, they would set how far away from the top or bottom of the paper the header/footer is placed, regardless of the margin (which controls the main content area). So if you wanted the header to be very close to the top of the main text block, for example, you could set a value just a bit above the top margin setting, enough to account for the height of the header text itself.

Ok, thanks for this Amber. I have a manuscript that’s being printed in hardback, and the printers trim 4mm from the top and bottom for this format. So I would have liked to have moved the header & footer in this way. From my understanding then, there is no way to acheive this other than to increase my margins, is that correct?

If you try that it only pushes the main text block down. I think the best you could do is paste carriage returns into the header fields—but that’s not a good way in my opinion.

Honestly, as it sounds like you’re sending this directly to a printer, we don’t recommend using Scrivener’s PDF generator for that kind of thing. It’s aimed more at proofing quality output. You’d be better off exporting to a word processor or desktop publishing tool and finishing off the final layout in an environment dedicated toward that task. Not only will you have better control over the layout of the page for stuff like this, but the typography, text layout and other detailing will be superior.

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Ok, thanks for the advice