Header/footer missing from CreateSpace upload?

I compiled a novel (into an rtf) from Scrivener and FINALLY got 99% of what I wanted it to look like, but now the header and footer are missing, such as the name of the book and the page numbers. I didn’t make any adjustments to those settings, and they showed up in the previously, otherwise flawed versions. Any suggestions?

What program did you open the RTF in? To see the headers and footers, you must open the file in a program that fully supports RTF, such as Word or OpenOffice. TextEdit and Ages, for instance, don’t fully support RTF, so if you opened your file in either of those, you wouldn’t see the headers and footers.

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I’m going by the CreateSpace preview, which displays after you’ve uploaded your rtf, and from what I can tell, shows you EXACTLY what you’re printed book will look like. Currently mine lacks page numbers and any header information.

It sounds as though their RTF importer doesn’t allow for this, then. Try opening the RTF file in Word or OpenOffice. If the headers and footers show there, then there is nothing wrong with the file and it is definitely a problem with CreateSpace.

Out of interest, though, why aren’t you creating a PDF file? if you export to RTF, it’s entirely up to the program that reads in the RTF file how it will end up looking. An RTF file in itself has no knowledge of page breaks and suchlike. It stores information about headers and footers, and then the program that reads the RTF file has to interpret that and work out how to display it, and gets to choose which elements it can and can’t display or work with. A PDF file, on the other hand, encodes all of this information in such a way that it will look exactly the same wherever it is opened. Moreover, I believe that PDF is CreateSpace’s preferred submission format.