Header for the Novel Template

I tried looking through the posts, so forgive me if I am repeating here with my question:

The Standard Novel Format template has the title page, then subsequent pages with the Surname/TITLE/Page number in the header–-or what is acting as the header, I suppose. When I go to print this document, the header prints in half, as if the line is just too high or there is a setting for the upper and lower margins other than the ones in the Preferences>text editing menu. 

When it comes time to print out my work--with a "header"--will it also be cut in half? or is there something I'm not noticing?

Thank you for your time and help,

Michael :open_mouth:

Does it get cut off when you click the Preview button instead of the Print button? This is the button located on the system print dialogue after clicking “Print…” from Scrivener’s Compile sheet. If it does look fine, it might be something with your printer, most likely the margins need to be adjusted downward as it is trying to print outside of your printer’s usable range.

The header looks fine to me with both US Letter and A4 paper settings.

Hi Amber,

Thanks for getting to my vexing problem so quickly--we computer goofs really appreciate that. I was sure I beat this problem when I messed with the page attributes menu and put the name of my printer in the drop-down, but alas, no change. 
 The system-wide preview does show the document as having the full header, but when it physically prints, it's still cut off. Arr! 

Mind you I am printing from "print current document," and not the compile manuscript pane because this is KB's PDF document––the Novel Format Template. 

Thank you so much for looking into this for me.

I’ve contacted brother to see if there’s a tweek I can do to the printer’s internal margins. I am now going to so set up my old printer and see if I have the same problem…here’s to the magic…


Okay, it’s definitely NOT the printer. I plugged in my old HP, same exact thing. The Novel Template’s header is sliced in half.

Hmm…I know I really don’t need to print this out, but I just want to make sure the header on the manuscript won’t be cut off like this…Thank you. Perhaps you can find out something I am overlooking here.

Love Scrivener!

Can’t wait till 2.0!



I’m not sure what is happening (I’m not around a printer at the moment so I cannot really test the physical part of your problem, and can only view the preview PDF, which you say looks quite fine). You might try checking out this thread here. It looks like someone else had the same problem and got it sorted out by fiddling with the margin settings.