Header on PDF - Urgent


I need to submit something in two hours… so if yo don’t mind - could you please help a relative newbie, and let me know how to change the header once I click Print Current Document > PDF.

At the moment, it shows the Project Title, followed by the date and time of the print.

Many thanks!

Print Current Document is only intended for rough print-outs, so the only control you have over the header is whether or not the title and date is included, and whether the page number is included (which you can set via File > Page Setup > Settings > Scrivener > Options). For proper control over the header you would need to use File > Compile (you could just compile only the one document if that’s what you need to do).

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And just to tack on to Keith’s reply, make sure you click the disclosure triangle in the compile pane next to the Format As drop-down menu so that you see all the expanded options, and then the header/footer controls are under Page Settings. You can just type directly in the boxes there to get the info you need in for this document, which is probably fastest, but for when you have more time there’s also a list of variables you can use (like <$date> to print the current date) which you can find under Help>Placeholder Tags List… Not all the tags work in the header/footer–tags specific to a single document don’t work there–but you can see a list of some useful ones in §24.16 of the user manual (pg. 300).