Header titles

Is there a way to generate header titles from content?

Preferably for all selected documents (or all documents in a folder)

Similarly, can synopses be generated from content for all selected documents (or all documents in a folder) ?

Have a look at the Placeholder Tags List in the Help Menu. It contains the following text about headers and footers…

I’m not sure that you can do this just for selected documents though - I think it’s a Project wide setting.

You can auto-generate synopses for selected documents by selecting them in the binder and choosing Documents > Auto-generate Synopses. The synopsis is taken from the first 500 characters of the text.



It did help, thanks- though it seems the part you quoted is talking about headers and footers when final document is compiled?

I’m asking about the grey bar- or, maybe a little more clearly, the name of the document in the binder… i.e. if that can somehow be named (hopefully as a batch selection) by the contents, similar to how you’d generate the synopsis (thanks for that part too!)

Gotta head out- won’t be back on for a day or so. Thanks!

Sorry – thought you were after compile headings.

You can set a selection of text to be the document title (Format > Set Selection as Title cmd-opt-shift-T), but I don’t think you can do it on a batch basis, although I may be wrong…

There is no batch command for that, correct. The closest would be the “Automatically name untitled text documents upon save”, but naturally that only works for items you’ve created after setting it.

Strictly speaking, it will rename a document called “Untitled” when there are changes saved to the document. So you could strip down the outliner to just show the “Title”, then zip through that with the Tab key and Cmd+V to paste “Untitled” as the title for everything, switch to Scrivenings mode, Select All, and then change some minor aspect of formatting that you chan easily change back again–e.g. the font or the first-line indent on the ruler. (Obviously, pick something that you don’t mind adjusting again for all documents, so nothing that has a specific setting for a particular chunk of your text. You should be able to just use Edit > Undo to restore the previous state, but better safe than sorry!) All the documents will save with that adjustment and will generate new titles, and then you can just undo the change.

“Automatically name untitled text documents upon save” is an option in the General tab of Scrivener > Preferences, in case we didn’t say that.

Thanks everyone, great tips all around