Header view VS binder

I don´t know if this is a bug or it is deliberate, but you can array a document from the binder to the header view without having to select that document first (the selection is made only when you click in document, not if you array it).

Also, when you navigate through archives in the header view, that navigation is not considered by the binder, wich will keep selected the document you were when started navigating.

This two things I report mean that you can be at Chapter 1 in the binder but at Chapter 8 in the header view, what I think it could be a bit confusing when you want to know where you are right know y the outline of your project…

Both behaviours are intentional and desirable. If the document had to be selected in the binder before you could drag it to the header view, this would be very annoying if you were trying to change the document in the secondary view (when there is a split) without affecting the document in the primary view. If the binder had to be selected, it would affect both views - bad.

As for the binder not reflecting the header view/navigation, please refer to the FAQ in the Tips & Tricks section of the forum, or do a forum search - this has been asked many times.

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