Headers for individual documents

Hi, I am new to the app. I want to see “headers/titles” of each individual document when looking at the manuscript of all documents together (in the 1st group view of the manuscript where I see all documents like a word document, but with lines in between each document).

But I don’t want:

A) these “headers” to be visible in the binder. I don’t plan to ever really change them so I dont want them to get in the way when im working on other stuff

B) these “headers” to be visible when I export/compile the finished manuscript.

For example, I am using scrivener to write songs. I want to be able to see the “titles/headers” of Verse 1, verse 2, etc. on the main manuscript screen. But I don’t want to see them when I export to a PDF file. And i dont want those titles/headers to disrupt any other part of my workflow.

What is the best way to do this?

Thanks, Dan

Format -> Options -> Show Titles in Scrivenings.

If you want to hide the Binder, the command is View -> Layout -> Hide Binder.