Headers in Compiled Manuscript

On Compiling, I don’t want a header on the title page, but I do want a header (without page numbers) on the rest of the front matter. Then I want a header with page numbers on the rest of the manuscript. However, I can’t figure out what settings to use to keep the front matter header from appearing on the title page. Here are my Page Settings:

How can I configre this? Thanks.

If you want a header with no page numbers for your front matter and a header with page numbers for the rest of the book, that means that you have to use your front matter as the “first pages”.
(You got this set properly as far as I can tell.)

The thing is that you can’t then establish first pages as anything else than your front matter.
So, the answer is: unless you want to get into gymnastics, the simplest thing to do is to remove it afterwards in another text editor.

Unless… if you don’t have any part of your book that has so little material that it compiles to a single book page, you could use that as an alternative.

Or ask @drmajorbob. – He’s got a few clever tricks up his sleeve.

This question (under variants) comes back and back over and over.
Hopefully a separation between the concept of front matter and first pages will one day be implemented… :wink:
As in, they will each have their header/footer setup. Simple as that.

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Give documents different section types, if you want them to compile differently. That’s what section types are for.

I use a simple as-is section type and layout (with page break separator) for the title page, copyright, and dedication.

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