heisman trophy

I know that this doesn’t mean anything to people outside the US, and only football fans/Cherokees here, but Sam Bradford just won the Heisman! There are a lot of happy Cherokees in Oklahoma tonight!!



Heisman Trophy

An annual award given to the outstanding college football player in the U.S. by the Downtown Athletic Club of New York City. Named in honor of football pioneer John W. Heisman (1869–1936). :wink:

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thank for the clarification mr. vic, but you missed the really important part – sam bradford, the young man who won, is a member of the Cherokee Nation.

once again – whoooo hoooo !!!


Sorry Ma am! :blush:

nytimes.com/2008/10/11/sport … ord&st=cse
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Vic (Fan of of the Stockport County Hooligans
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I remember there was once a song by a band named Johhny Quest called “The Heisman”.

Fond memories…



thank you for the link to the stories about the hooligans. they are beautiful young ladies!

i almost have my feet back on the ground again about our heisman winner. the ny times article was right about one thing: just about everyone here in Oklahoma has an indian heritage. it’s one of the things that we have in common.

if i don’t post again until after, merry christmas to everybody.


A band? I used to love the CARTOON Johnny Quest when I was a kid. I used to love it. Oh, great, I’ll bet you thought that was boring too… :wink:

Many congrats Rebecca on the Heisman winner!!! I used to think I had native american blood when I was young but now seriously doubt it. But I still think it’s quite wonderful that this years Heisman winner has Cherokee blood!! Have a great holiday!!!


PS My first name is actually Rebecca, my middle Alexandria, though I haven’t used Rebecca in many a long year. But I still get things from time to time with Rebecca on the label!

ACtually I LOVED Johnny Quest! Bandit was my favorite!

Here is the band link where you can listen to the song “The Heisman”
profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fu … =149031649

Alexandria Rebecca

Beautiful name.


Actually the reverse. Rebecca Alexandria Pallas-Weinbrecht. Ha! A long name to be sure. I love Rebecca too. It’s a beautiful name all by itself!


I’m happy to see a new person every year. I almost expected the east coast/ESPN favoritism to show in the writers selecting Tim L from Florida. In terms of talent, this year seemed very close; I had watched each of the finalists during the year, as well as Herold from Texas Tech. I am glad that Sam was selected.

Bandit was the best! How FUN to see the JQ intro on YouTube. Is there anything YouTube doesn’t have??

The band was cool but kind of noisy. :slight_smile: