hello, a newbie came by.

and I wish you all a Merry Christmas from Croatia.

Hello! Merry Christmas and a happy new year! :slight_smile:

Thank you mmainar. Here’s wishing you a happy and prosperous new year, from the UK. First tip for 2014 – beware of international raconteur Vic-k. He is, together with his fetid cat Fluff, a habitual visitor to this otherwise fine forum. DON’T LEND HIM ANY MONEY! In fact, best ignore him altogether. I didn’t, and look what happened to me:

:confused: :wink:


Young mmainar,
you can see from the above response, that you have deposited yourself in what is tantamount to a literary cesspit!:frowning: AKA Scrivener! You may, if you see fit (and are wise), liken Scrivener, to a leaking, creaking old pirate ship, barely able to stay afloat upon the tempestuous Sea of Literary Endeavour and an ever expanding area of nefarious usage.
You may liken Scrivener, to a cross between The Ship of Fools: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ship_of_fools and a Marie Céleste like ghost-ship, albeit, one crewed by by the aforementioned fools.
There is no escape from Scrivener (save for a lonely walking of the plank… [size=200])[/size]
Welcome aboard, young mmainar. Best wishes to you too.

Before he can board, he must first learn our sacred theme song:


Furthermore, I was happily reading through Vic-k and a three word story story from the beginning, and my bookmark fell out. Darned if I can find where I was.

  • begins swatting at flies circling the cesspit *

Young Twolane, Is it really necessary to vent your frustration on other innocent creatures. The humble fly plays a considerable role in the great scheme of things. Why not ease the tension by sending poison pen PMs to other members of Scriv’s crew. :confused: Except for the other feline crew members, obviously, most of them serve no useful purpose at all… well none that springs immediately to mind.
Happy New Year Young Twolane

Happy belated Christmas and Belated Happy New Year!