Hello everyone

I just thought I’d introduce myself. I’m MacRankin, or rather that’s the name of my handle.

As I am already a member of a number of forums I can’t say that I’ll be around these forums for any great length of time, but I’ll hopefully will get back to you every now and again.

I’ve just downloaded Scrivener and already there was already a slight hitch, but after invoking dashboard it (the slight problem) went away?

My set up is as follows: I have a 24-inch Intel Core 2 Duo iMac with 2 GB of memory and bucket-loads of disc space. Lucky me I guess.

Nothing out of the ordinary there, but, I do have two sets of keyboards; one wired and the other wireless, and although the wireless keyboard worked there was no response from my bluetooth enabled Mighty (Apple) mouse.

I like my software, and even though I haven’t got bucket-loads of money in which to (re-purchase) some of my old favourites I still like to keep an eye or two out for what makes some software really good to use, such as, say, Lineform.

Welcome, MacRankin! I’ll look forward to seeing you around the forum when you have the chance! I think you’ll find it a friendly, stimulating, fun, informative place to be. And welcome to the world of Scrivener too!


Thanks for the welcome there alexwein. :slight_smile: 8)

MacRankin, Hiya!

Welcome to the House of Scriv.
It`s a bit like the House Of Usher, only worse!

A word of advice. Watch out for Alexandria. Once she gets inside your head, shell start messing about with your brain. In fact watch out for all the girls in Scriv, theyre all brains on legs. Just be deferential and reverential, and they may leave you alone,… if you`re lucky!

Anyway mate, welcome once again. Obviously, what I`ve just told you is strictly between me and thee.

Take care

Thanks there vic-k. :slight_smile:

Fortunately, there isn’t enough room inside my head, err, that is for anyone else to occupy it. :laughing:

I shall try to be on my best behaviour while I am here, as I’m no writer or author of much worth, so I guess I won’t be getting in many arguments with people on writing skills, as I have none. :stuck_out_tongue:

Vic, vic, vic. You are a funny fellow. I’ve never been described as a ‘brain on legs.’ Sure conjures some weird images…hmmm. Now if I were an artist, I could have a bit of fun with this one!

MacRankin, I believe none of us really knows what the hell we are talking about, but we have a great time pretending we do. :laughing: So no worries there! Just jump in and joing the fray!



That post looks like the Director has been at it again, but signing off as me.
Hes trying to get back at me, for stopping him seeing that kinky Eletoconvulsive Therapist hed got very friendly with. I don`t know exactly what they got up to when they were together, but he was always very difficult to handle, for days afterwards.

But! Alex, you obviously havent been paying attention, because I referred to you as a brain on legswhen you were encouraging Tim, with hisKantian Conclusion`. You obviously knew what he was talking about, whereas I had to go and look it up and ending up with a migraine for my troubles.

As far as being an artist goes, you already are an artist; you paint with enthusiasm and your canvass is life.

I think you`ll find Dali has probably already done a brain on legs, but I doubt if it looks anything like you.

Take care

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Ha!