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tch! tch! oh dear … another lamb to the slaughter. :frowning: Ah well, c’est la vie, I suppose.

As I 've said, on numerous occasions over the years, when encountering other similar, ‘losses of innocence’, aboard Scriv,“Welcome aboard the leaky old pirate ship Scrivener, as it ploughs, Marie Celeste like, the stormy seas of Literary Endeavour. Be very cautious when engaging with the: ne’er do 'ells, dead beats, miscreants, wannabes, maybes, never-will bes and no-hopers, among Scriv’s crew, you’ll encounter them on all of Scriv’s decks.
Under no circumstances, shakungrover, lend money to other Scriv crew members, no matter how heart-rending their entreaties.”

Insularity, in this instance, shakungrover, will stand you in good stead.
Welcome aboard Scrivener, shakungrover.
Take care

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Just flew in today. With ADD, I’ve got numerous projects going on: an autobiography, an article on my being caregiver for my late father, new zine projects and reviving old ones, a fictional history (via text and clip-art) on how two waterways in a certain city got their names, and I’ll probably think up a few more new ones by weeks end. I’ve also done screenwriting. In the 90’s I was publishing zines and chapbooks. There have been numerous writers in my family so it’s kind of in my blood.

I’ve been using Scrivener for a while but need to watch some tutorials and read a handbook to fully understand (and remember) all of its capabilities. I’m still more of an analog person so I usually work on paper/index cards first, then digitize for editing and revising. I’m also getting anxious to plug in the IBM typewriter and use that again.