Help! Can't get rid of ragged right after compile

Hail to Thee, Scrivener Gods,

This is gonna be a long one (to be thorough); apologies. Here’s my problem: I’m in Scrivener (Windows). I complete an ebook and I’m ready to compile. I do so (let’s say as .MOBI–although I have the same problem with EPUB), and then I open the produced file on my Kindle and/or in Kindle Previewer. Every single time I get ragged right edges. I want full justified. How do I fix it?

Here’s what I’ve already tried, but hasn’t worked for me:

-I’ve already scoured this forum. I found two very pertinent threads, but neither offered an answer for me. I posted in both. One was from 2012 and the other from 2013, which is why I’m starting a new thread on the topic.
-I’ve already asked around on KBoards. Lots of friendly replies, no solution yet.
-I’ve already toggled the formatting settings as many ways as I can think of (Compile–>Formatting). I’ve checked “Override text and notes formatting,” I’ve selected each individual level (each “Level1+”), clicked the “Modify” button, selected the “Lorem ipsum” example in the editor that pops up, and selected full justified. This did not yield either a full justified .MOBI or a full justified EPUP. In both cases I still got a ragged right edge.
-I’ve already changed settings in the editor (Tools–>Options–>Editor) to show as full justified for new projects, saved the change, started a new project (a test file), typed a bunch of nonsense, and then checked the “As Is” box (Compile–>Contents) to go with the in-editor formatting. This did not yeild full justified either; still gave me ragged right.
-The most recent attempt was to make EPUBS instead of .MOBI. I began to hope that the problem was because I was making a .MOBI file, and, as has been pointed out elsewhere, Amazon sometimes takes an issue with book files with built-in alignment settings. But trying all of the above and exporting as EPUB did not solve the problem. I still got ragged right.

Furthermore the notion that one perhaps cannot build in full justification to a .MOBI seems problematic to me for a couple of reasons: firstly, that back when I was using the free 30-day Scrivener trial, I was able to consistently create .MOBI files that were full justified seemingly by default, as I never had to mess with the settings. I always checked them on my Kindle, and they never had a ragged right edge. Second, none of the ebooks I have purchased on Amazon to read on my Kindle have a ragged right edge. So if the alignment is something intrinsic to the reading device rather than the file, then shouldn’t all .MOBI files on my Kindle be full justified if some of them are?

So, help me, Scrivener Gods. I want, oh how badly, a full-justified output. I’m stuck in the limbo of ragged-right.

Any ideas?

Just having this discussion over in a Facebook group

My Kindle is set to “Auto” justify the text - so when you are reviewing your output, it may be affected by that setting on your reader software.

That said, some people who teach “self-publishing” insist that you should not use full justification for your ebook because that lets the reader size his fonts and not have erratic hyphenation, etc.

I prefer full justification - and most of the “big boys” use it.

I am very careful when I format my text to 6x9 print size with full justification and when I compile for ebook [epub or mobi] I use the Scrivener preset in the compile for ebook do the work.

So - that’s my two cents. JC

Doing a ‘full justification’ is completely wrong. Don’t do it.

By doing so, you rob the reader of its freedom to format the text the way he likes it.

If the text is for your own consumption it’s a different matter.