Help! Edit Scrivenings doesn't work anymore

Have a complete screenplay written in Scrivener, that can be sorted either chronological or in narrative order, via labels. Awesome feature for keeping track of several story lines at the same time.

But al of a sudden the Edit Scrivenings button remains grey when multiple entries are selected.

Anybody familiar with this problem?



Try quitting Scrivener and re-launching it. If it is caused by a rare bug, this will reset it. Also, make sure that you don’t have a root folder such as the Draft folder selected - you can’t Edit Scrivenings with a root folder selected (nor, for that matter, if you have accidentally selected an image file, PDF file or whatever).

Finally, try to see if you can reproduce this behaviour so that if it is a bug, I can find it and fix it.

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Similar problem here, but Keith’s posting might explain it.

I have a big project with several folders. Some folders allow me to edit scrivenings and some do not. The folders that do not allow edit scrivenings have PDFs files inside the folder - along with lots of text documents/note cards.

Keith, your post says you cant edit scriv’s if you have selected a PDF file etc. Does having a PDF file inside a folder also prevent you from editing scriv’s on that folder? My guess is that it does! :wink:

IMHO, it would be nice to be able to edit scriv’s for a folder with non-text contents - ie edit scriv’s would just skip over the offending contents and display the texts parts. Since I have pulled lots of items into my research folder, but still want to see all of the text bits, that would be a huge help.

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You are correct in your assumption - Scrivener won’t allow E.S. if there are non-text files in the folder. Just select the individual files instead and hit Edit Scrivenings with them selected to get it working.