Help! File Hierarchy Gone (and maybe files?)

I changed a project name, and my entire layout was destroyed! I lost my labels, status, folders, file hierarchy, and several file names, and several files aren’t even showing up. For a freelance project that’s due TONIGHT, and I was just opening it up for a final polish.

Breathes deeply Okay, I’ve found the files in the project itself. I know there’s some file I can delete to see if it’ll fix things, but I’m panicking and can’t remember which file it is. I haven’t lost my hierarchy or files, have I? Fixing that’ll take almost as long as the project!

I’m on a PowerMac G4 with system 10.5.8, Scrivener version 2.0.2.

As far as what I did, I closed out a project (though Scrivener was still open, now that I think of it), renamed the project in the Finder, and then about an hour later clicked on Scrivener and opened the renamed project from the “Recent Files” drop-down menu from the splash panel.


Um, deleting the ui.plist didn’t do anything, left everything in a Recovered Files folder.

BUT I just duplicated the project and changed the name of one of them back to the old name, and it’s working. I’ve lost my color tints, but everything’s formatted how it’s supposed to be, now.

scratching head

P.S. The renamed version of the project also can’t be compressed. It pulls up an error message to the effect of: problem adding “” to the archive.

Side thought here…are you set for Automatic Backups when you close your project? If so you can just run to your backups folder and restore from there and you won’t have lost anything. By default the backups are located in ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/Backups

…This isn’t helpful, but I think there’s probably something goofy with the renaming rather than with that process in general causing trouble. I tested it (admittedly, my test project is undoubtedly far, far less complex than your actual project) and didn’t lose anything when I renamed as you described. So perhaps there was some error with the renaming process or characters used in the new name that are making it hiccup?

Nice thought, but I don’t do auto backups. Low RAM, and some of my projects that I frequently tweak are fairly large. :confused:

Another odd thing about the restored project: the images aren’t right. I’ve taken a snapshot to demonstrate.

Also, Console message (forgot that before, sorry):
Scrivener[995] dealloc arbitrary collections table controller!

EDIT: Sorry for panicking, too. I’ll see if I can repeat this issue and post the how-to in Bug Hunt if I can.
Picture 1.png