Help getting out of tutorial

I’ve opened Scrivener but cannot get out of tutorial mode into full working mode. Can’t seem to see ‘file’ tag. What am I missing?

On the menu bar across the top of the screen select File > Close Project. That should take you back to the project selection screen.

The tutorial itself walks you through, not only how to “get out of” the tutorial, but what that means at a broader level—which is a very important concept to understand. This isn’t a tutorial mode, but rather a Scrivener project, just like the dozens you’ll be making for yourself in the years to come. You can have one or even three or five of these projects open at once.

Jump to the “Get Going” folder, at the bottom of “The Basics”, for the walk-through.

Thanks Amber I’ve sorted it out, wasn’t looking in the right place.

Thank you. I wasn’t looking in the right place.