Help! how can I one chapter export as pdf?

there is no option of pdf in the Function of export. I must use compile. I don’t unterstand what is the meaning of that the function of export is divided in 2 ways
when I compile several chapter separately as pdf, the name of exported pdf is not automatically the name of each chapter, but the name of the whole Projekt, I must everytime change the name of the whole projekt to the name of each chapter.
how can I not use compile but export to export as pdf?

If you are just looking for quick output (not compile) why not just use the Print to PDF function in the standard print dialog box? That will print (to pdf) verbatim whatever is showing in the editor pane. So, combined with the power of Scrivenings Mode, you can very quickly make a pdf of any chunk of your draft that you want.



thank you very much. the problem is solved. :grin:

Now that the immediate problem is solved, this would be a good time to familiarize yourself with the Compile command. It’s a much more flexible way to get material out of Scrivener.

You might start with our video tutorials, here:

When you compile you can choose your manuscript to compile from or a collection you create.
you could create a collection with just the one chapter ( or select chapters) and compile the collection only and choose any output format such as pdf and should be easily doable.
see picture of compile window if click drop down see manuscript (red arrow) and various collections in the binder (yellow arrows) each of which can be chosen by itself to export.