Help, I lost my data

Hello people. I have a big problem. I used scrivener trial version. I have win7 operating system.
So, explanations - I worked in my scrivener(30days trial), and my PC is die, my hard drive died, I had to send it to a data recovery lab. In the laboratory, I recovered my data, I have some system folders and program files folders. Scrivener was installed by default on disk c, I have the portable folder with my old scrivener. Now I returned my data. I go to the folder with the scrivener, open the program, but the scrivener said that I create a new project. Tell me how to run the old project? Where does scrivener save everything by default? I hope my explanations was understandable, please help mem because I lost very important data.

Where I can find the default backup location? To where scrivener save everything by default? anybody, please help me to find default backup folder for scrivener and maybe backup files give to me the chance.

I’m not sure there is a default location. Probably a folder within the user’s documents folder called Scrivener. You could search the drive for: *.scriv using Windows File explorer.

Which should find the folders of your scrivener projects.

Again, don’t know where backups are by default, as I backup to a folder called “backups” with particular backup folders inside that, rather than having various programs stick stuff who knows where. Again, you could use File explorer to search for the name of the project. Of course you then want that backup folder backed up to another drive (and again off-site).

The backup location is set in the Tools/Options/Backups pane.

Projects are saved at whatever location you specify when you create the project, which will usually be somewhere in your My Documents folder.

As noted, search for “.scriv” to find projects.

To open existing projects, look for the File -> Open command.


xoxoxoxxo triple double thanks for everyone who answer me. I did the steps as was advised and it works perfect. I am happy and feel good.
Best wishes.