Help! Image won't fit the page.

I have JPG Images that I created for my document that won’t fit.

In one image I used the Windows system and rotated it to the Left so that it would fit the page lengthwise. I inserted the image into the image section and it looks right, but when I try to put it into the document it keeps rotating back to the right (it’s original position).

I can’t find anyway to rotate the image to the left in the document.

In addition all the images are being cut off when I try to compile.
They don’t resize or shrink to fit the page.
At the very least there should settings to shrink to the margin and center on the page. Neither happens.

Is there any way to fix these?

Thank you.

After you drag and drop your image onto your Scrivener document, you are right clicking on it and editing the size as per the tutorial?

Yes, I am adjusting the scale and it is not effecting the rotation of the image.

In the Images folder the rotation is correct, which is a portrait orientation.
When I add it to the document it rotates it to a landscape. It is a better fit as a portrait image on the page, so I don’t see why this is happening.

I realize the compiler adjusts the width of the pages based upon the output format. But in the editor the page width is 11". Is there a setting to that controls the editor width? But the page length has no real definition in the editor, so I not sure if these settings could be causing it. When images are inserted do they scale to the margin?

It does not rotate the actual image, so like I said, drag your image over and then right mouse on it and find the image edit menu. Untick the ‘Lock Aspect Ratio’ and then select a portrait size. For example, my image was Wide 800 Height 600 which comes out as landscape. I change this to Wide 600 Height 800 and my portrait is now back as the original i.e. a portrait aspect.

I am familiar with aspect ratio and that does not solve my problem. The image as established in Windows is a portrait format. When inserted into the image folder it retains the portrait format, but when it is inserted into the document the application is rotating it into a landscape format with the image laying on its side, when I want it vertical.

Playing with the aspect ratio does nothing to change the rotation of the image. It just stretches it so the image is distorted.

When I was doing this in MS Word there was no problem with this page. It inserted, rotated, fit to the page and worked out fine. Now I try to do the same thing with the great Scrivener and it can’t handle it. While I like the way Scrivener works on editing text the actual compilation of images within a document sucks, and just makes a mess. Image are either too big and get cut off or too small and don’t fit right, or not centered or not rotated within the document like they should be. I will probably have to compile it back into MS Word so I can insert images and have them positioned, rotated, sized and centered the way I want them in the final document.