Help in determining if I have formatted a book correctly

I am new to Scrivener. Have been working on getting a historical journal that spans the years 1852 to 1909 to print. The work consists of 151K words and am planning on publishing in 3 books. I have gone through the training videos, but am not sure I’m doing it right. Is there anyone out there that would be kind enough to look at the first volume I have put together and see if I have done it right to publish on both Amazon and B&N? I have been working on this for 5 years, transcribing old and faded handwritten journals into a chapter format. This step of getting to publishing is perhaps too much for me since I have never done it, so any help or collaboration would be welcome.

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Have you, yourself, compiled your project into an ebook (compile to epub) then looked at the result on an ereader?
Experienced or not, you could spot details that are not the way you wish they’d be, and if you can’t find how to make them right, ask here.
One step at a time.
Else, if you want someone to format your book the way you want it, I’m pretty sure you can find someone willing to dive into it, but likely that person will ask for a little something (likely accompanied of a $ or € sign) in return.

(If you rather plan to publish in print, do the same I recommended above, but compile to a PDF with the page size set to match the book size/format you plan to publish to.)

Thank you for your input. I signed up for both KPD and B&N. Went to Amazon to load the first book and it did not give me an option to ‘look’ at it to see things that needed changing. I am sure there is a way, but have not found it yet. If you know of the steps or a program that I can do that in, I would be interested in the name or the process.
I am also interested in considering paying someone to do this final step and perhaps do some proofing.
I am going to start with kindle and move to print.

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Proof the book BEFORE sending it to KDP or B&N.


Seeking professional help with both proofreading and book design would not be a terrible idea.

Regardless of how you get there, you want the best version you can manage before making it available to the public.