HELP!!! License compromised.

Good day. I hope you can address my concern about my Scrivener license. I bought this license about a month ago on the exact day when Scrivener 3.0 for Windows was released. I received the digital receipt and the email containing the program download and license. However, when I click “Download”, nothing happens and it doesn’t automatically download in my computer. Because of this, I went to the Literature and Latte website to download Scrivener 3.0 there. The download was successful and when I entered the license it worked. When I opened the software today, though, it says my license is compromised. I reinstalled the software, but the same pop-up window still appears and forces my Scrivener software to close. How can I solve this problem? Is there something wrong with my license or is it a bug in the software? As an honest buyer, I hope you can help me with my concern.

I have already sent a similar e-mail to the Literature and Latte windows support with attachments of my receipt, license key, order confirmation and the pop-up window that says my license is compromised. Please help.

Unfortunately, this forum is for peer support only. So, no one here is really qualified to help you with licensing issues.

Fortunately, you’ve already taken the right step and emailed Literature and Latte. Hope you can get it worked out!