Help. Lost all my text!

What I did was that I Highlighted the Bookmark Bar. I right clicked and sellected Duplicate. Then everything dissapeared. I cant find any of it? What just happened?
I then tried and it wouldn’t let me Undo.

Hi KivimakiAtelier. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had issues with your project.

When you said you highlighted the bookmark bar, are you talking about the binder on the lefthand side of the main project window that holds all the documents and folders you’ve created?

Or, are you referring to the inspector panel’s bookmarks tab?

Have you tried using a project search for a word or phrase specific to one of the documents to see if you can locate it?

The project search bar is the magnifying glass shaped icon on upper-left of Scrivener’s toolbar above the binder.

You could also try recovering your project from Scrivener’s automatic backups if necessary. That assumes you’ve been closing your project at the end of each writing session so recent backups are available.

This Knowledge Base article explains restoring from backups.

You can also find guidance on that process in the manual. In the Scrivener 1 for Windows manual, the process for safely accessing backups is outlined in §6.11.4 of the manual.

If you are using Scrivener 3 for Windows, then please refer to §5.2.3 for the steps to safely access your backups. In either version of Scrivener, the Scrivener manual can be accessed in PDF from Scrivener’s Help menu.

Ah… YES. FOUND it. I honestly dont know what happened or what I did. And even the recovery is kind of qeustionable, but all I know is that I didn’t loose anything. Its weard. Its like the whole thing dissapeared and then I tried to recover an very old back up from '22 and in doing so even stuff I did since then was there.

But all I know is I got it back. Thanks for the help.

Unsolicited advice based on above … check that you have Scrivener backups setup to routinely be created. Your choice on open, or on close, or both. Keep a reasonable number of copies–I keep 25. And every so often take a peek at the backup folder to make sure they are operating as expected.

If 2022 was the last time you worked on the project, I guess all is ok. But if you worked on it in the intervening year or two, something not right.

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Ya I had looked in the backup folder as you had suggested and it was set to 5 backups and the number of time I had opened and closed trying to find my file it had exceded that limit. So I reset the # of backup to 25.
So I went looking on a backup exteral harddrive I have and found a saved copy from '22. I hadn’t worked on it much since then but it was still very important to me for the amount of time and Research effort I had put into since that time.
But when I opened and loaded that file everthing was there. Even the stuff I just started working on recently.
Lesson learned IM Backing up my Backup from now on. HAHA thanks

Thanks for the follow-up … I can’t quite understand all what you are saying, but I’m glad that you are up and writing again.

Rather than critique what maybe you are doing (as I don’t quite understand), I will explain what I do. I store my Scrivener in a local folder ~/Backups/Scrivener so that they go very fast and are available to me anytime without restriction. I rely on my routine system backups to backup those backups (along with everything else).