HELP! "Lost Files"


I can’t find files that in Scapple that Finder can see but they are greyed out.
Can any one help me out please?

You’ve found a strange bug in OS X. I was alerted to this a while back, and the best I could find is that certain cloud services, and potentially other programs as well, will add extended attributes to files to help track things about them. For whatever reason some of these extended attributes will disable the file when searching for it with Spotlight from a file open dialogue box.

It is possible to strip these extended attributes via the command-line, but I wouldn’t recommend doing so as whatever program that put them there probably has a use for them. Others have found that using Spotlight from Finder instead of the Open dialogue works better. You can even save a search like that if you use such a thing often. For example, creating a Spotlight search for “kind:Scapple Board” will located all .scap files in the index.

That worked!
You have saved the day once again Amber, once again, thankyou. :smiley: