Help me understand how search works

I’ve never had much success with the search functions and with the 1.55 beta that hasn’t seemed to change. I have a project that has 65 chapters (folders each with 1-3 text docs) and I tried to do a search from the top. I hit CTR-F and the search dialog came up but would not let me execute the search until I changed from the cork board view to the multi-document view. Once I had that worked out, I did the search for a word but after searching the first ‘document’ it popped up a message stating the item was not found and do I want to start at the top. No matter what I hit, it then moved to the next document and repeated and repeated and repeated. Now, no matter what I hit, I’m stuck having to hit the yes/no a hundred times or more until it finally reaches the end. CLicking the ‘X’ to close the search doesn’t cancel it, it just goes on the the next file and pops up again. This is drving me crazy. I can’t imagine it’s supposed to work this way. I assume there should be any easy way to do a global search in a project without having to resort to all of this? Is there some trick to doing global searches? It seems something was supposed to be resolved with this in 1.55 but I’m not sure what.

On a side note, with my larger project file, I get frequent Scrivener hangs when clicking on binder objects (especially those at the top levels). These hangs can easily go on for a minute or more. Are others experiencing this or is it just me. I don’t have the speediest computer, but this seems a bit excessive.