Help Modifying Manuscript compile format

Hi There, I am mostly happy with the Manuscript (Times) format for compiling my novel (for Word doc currently) but I do need to modify.

I have been reading what I can but do not find full explanations – I do NOT want to take on setting up from scratch. Issues for me are:

  1. I have created a copy called Project Format/ Manuscript Times Copy so if I change that, I won’t ruin the basic template, right? I certainly don’t want to do that

  2. How do I change format? So, it automatically writes “Chapter One” and I’d like that in caps

  3. How do I modify the white space? I don’t want the “Chapter One” to appear so far down on the page.

I am more than willing to read up on this but I don’t find it. I do see info on starting from scratch but it seems far less intimidating to modify, when it is close to right

Thanks in advance for help

Yes, creating a copy is the way to go. In fact, Scrivener won’t let you change its built-in formats.

Title formatting comes from the Title Options tab in the Section Layout editor. See Section 24.2.4 in the manual.

Page padding is defined in the New Pages tab, see Section 24.2.5.

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