help moving my project to a mac

I need to move my current project from a pc to a mac and I can’t use drop box (it’s not on the mac and he doesn’t want drop box on the mac) I moved a project two years ago without an issue but I can’t remember how I did it. Any suggestions?

Scrivener projects are just folders of files, so to copy it to another computer you just need to make sure to copy the entire .scriv folder for the project. A USB thumb drive or the like would work fine for this. Once you’ve moved it onto the Mac, it will appear as a single file that you’ll be able to double-click directly to open in Scrivener. (It’s still a folder of files, of course, but the Mac has a way of making folders with extensions appear as a single file to the user. Right-clicking the file there will allow you to “Show Package Contents” if you ever needed to dig into the project contents.)

If you don’t have a convenient way of moving it via external storage or a home network, you can try emailing the project to yourself, if it’s small enough that your server will accept it. If you need to take this route, you’ll have to first right-click the .scriv folder and choose “Send to \ Compressed (zipped) folder”, then attach that zipped file to your email. On the Mac, you should be able to just double-click the downloaded zip to extract the project and move it to wherever you want to save it on that machine.

UPDATE: I’ve found the binder! I have no idea how but I started clicking on things on the mac and then it suddenly showed up.

thanks for the suggestion. I copied the .sciv folder. I put it on a thumb drive and transfered to the MAC and when I tried to open it, it had no binder. So, I tired zipping. Same thing.

When I tried to copy the file, it asks if I’m sure I want to copy the file without it’s properties. It also says it has properties that can’t be opened to the new location. I have a conflicted copy in the folder. I tried just removing the conflicted copy from my copy on the desktop but I still get the same alert about properties.

I also opened the web version of dropbox on the mac and tried to download the file. Again, no binder. It’s got a binder on my pc.
Any suggestions?

On the PC, with the project open, go to File->Back Up->Back Up to… Choose the .zip option. Move that .zip compressed copy to the Mac, and then extract the .zip file on your mac. It shoud just look like a single file there, which should open just fine in Scrivener 2 for Mac.